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Have you ever given a thought to the reason why you should know How to fix Outlook? Or why you should be fixing Outlook at all, if it has been working on your system for over a year, as error-free and stable as ever. There might be reasons for that . . .

If you want to avoid such problems now and in the future, secure your data and be sure that you have an answer to the question of how to fix Microsoft Outlook, take you time to check out Recovery ToolBox for Outlook (download). Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is designed to recover data from Microsoft Outlook .pst files.

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  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support Microsoft Outlook 2010 x64 yet.
  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support a recovering of contact groups yet.

Software compatible and recovery data from PST files of Outlook 97-2013

Fixing Microsoft Outlook by use Outlook restore tool. Rebuild Outlook database. Inbox repair Microsoft Outlook.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can also be used to recover data from Microsoft Exchange .ost files and convert them into Microsoft Outlook .pst files. This excellent software allows you to easily repair damaged .pst files and recover your information by making a few easy steps. So how do you fix Outlook Inbox? Recovery Toolbox for Outlook allow rebuild Outlook database.

Outlook 2007 repair Inbox. How to repair Outlook 2007 Inbox? How to repair Inbox in Outlook 2007?

How to repair Outlook 2007 Inbox? Start fixing Outlook by selecting the source *.pst file you want to repair. To do so, specify the path to the file by using the corresponding button and select the file you need from the list of files/profiles or specify its location on the disk. If the current user has only one profile with all the data stored in one .pst file, the path to this file will be automatically displayed in the address field of the dialog box. Other options include selecting the .pst file manually, selecting the path that you have used before to fix Outlook inbox by clicking a button to the right of the address field and using the built-in search. To use this tool, click the Search for .pst & .ost files button. After that, specify the search area (select one of the disks) and the extension of files to search for (select .pst, .ost or *.* in the Search Files with extension list). You can always stop the search process by pressing the corresponding button, which becomes available after you start searching. Once the search is over, select the necessary file and click the OK button.

Microsoft Outlook restore mail. How to repair Inbox Outlook 2007. Outlook Inbox recover.

The program will attempt to fix Microsoft Outlook and initiate data recovery from a corrupted .pst file. The process Microsoft Outlook restore mail will start when you confirm your intention in the pop-up dialog box shown after you select the .pst file you want to repair and click the Next button. How to repair Inbox Outlook 2007?

Depending on how fast your system is and the size of the file being processed, data recovery will take some time. After the data has been read, the recovered folders from the corrupted .pst files and their contents will be available for viewing (Folder List and the Items List, respectively).

The next step of the Microsoft Outlook fix process (Outlook Inbox recover) allows you to specify the location, where the recovered data will be saved to. The built-in wizard will show how much space you have available on the destination disk. Mind that the disk should have at least twice as much free space as the size of the original file. If the disk does not have enough disk space, the program will indicate it by highlighting the required disk space field in red. Once you have decided on the destination drive, enter the name of the destination folder - either manually or by selecting one of the previously used locations from the destination folder dropdown list. Proceed to fixing Outlook by pressing the Next button.

Microsoft Outlook database repair. OutlookFix recovery. How to restore my mail in Outlook?

Although Recovery Toolbox for Outlook knows how to fix Microsoft Outlook perfectly well, it will prompt you for the data recovery method you would like to use. You have a choice of saving the output data either as a single .pst file or as a set of .eml, .vcf and .txt files. The latter variant should be chosen when you resort to using the Outlook fix tool to get a number of files that can be easily imported by other applications supporting these formats, such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Windows Address Book. Please note that this Microsoft Outlook fix software only supports files up to 1 Gb in size. If the size of the file exceeds this threshold, several output files will be generated. The demo version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook supports up to five items to be extracted from each recovered folder. To remove this limitation, you will need to purchase the full version of the Microsoft Outlook database repair tool.

Outlook repair Inbox. Outlook 2003 Inbox recovery tool. How to repair Outlook inbox with repair tool?

How to repair Outlook Inbox with repair tool? Once the Save button is pressed, the application begins to fix Microsoft Outlook. Once finished, it will display a progress report containing the number of recovered folders, recovered items, the paths to the source and the resulting file. Click Finish when the Outlook fix tool has performed the necessary operations. The Microsoft Outlook data recovery process is over. Outlook repair Inbox process ends.

To restore your information, please start Outlook, select the Open item in the File menu and choose one of the following:

  • Outlook Data File - in Microsoft Outlook XP
  • Personal Folders File (.pst) - in Microsoft Outlook 2000
  • Open Special Folder - in earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook

Select the freshly-generated .pst file and see how your data is restored!

In a nutshell, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is an amazingly efficient Microsoft Outlook fix solution, which will safeguard you from any data-threatening situations and will give you a definite answer to the question of how to fix Outlook if anything goes wrong. Rely on Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (FixOutlook) and never find yourself held hostage to circumstances!

Microsoft Outlook fixer:

  • Can fix Outlook file under Windows 98
  • Can fix Outlook 2000 files
  • Can fix Outlook files under Windows Me
  • Can fix Outlook database under Windows NT 4.0
  • Can fix Outlook XP files
  • Can fixing Outlook 2003 problems
  • Can fix Outlook 2007 files
  • Can fixing Outlook problems
  • Outlook restore software compatible with Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Outlook restore Inbox software compatible with Windows XP
  • Outlook fixer compatible with Windows Vista
  • Can fixing Microsoft Outlook problems
  • Can repair database Outlook

You can named Recovery Toolbox for Outlook as: Outlook fixer, fixing Microsoft Outlook software, Outlook 2000 fix tool, Outlook file fix tool, fix Outlook database tool, fix for Outlook program, Outlook 2003 fix program.

Microsoft Outlook is one the most popular and trusted communication and scheduling applications on the market. The program is used by a great many of individuals and businesses every day for a wide variety of tasks that require 100% stability and reliability: storing emails, business and personal contacts, as well as other important information, such as appointments, tasks and notes. Nonetheless, there is always a risk that data files may be damaged and your precious information be lost. This may be caused by various reasons: internal software errors, power failures or hard drive crashes, let alone other possible reasons. Imagine that all of a sudden every bit of your correspondence is lost, your contacts are purged and the completion of your scheduled tasks is very questionable. The worst thing is that you have no idea How to fix Outlook, which Outlook fix tool to use or who you should contact regarding this issue. Just need OutlookFix download recovery fix for Outlook pst.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is answer on many qestions:

  • How to fix Outlook 2003 corrupted files?
  • How to repair Microsoft Outlook 2003?
  • How to fix Microsoft Outlook 2003 problems?
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  • How to repair Microsoft Outlook Inbox?

Features of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 fix
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 fix
  • Outlook Inbox restore
  • Outlook 2007 database repair

You can also download Microsoft Outlook fixes from official website too.


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