The one tool that knows how to fix Outlook 2003 corrupted files in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient manner

Is your Outlook refusing to start and complaining about a damaged PST file? Is it one of those situations when you urgently need to send a few important emails, but simply can’t because a recent system crash damaged your Outlook storage files? Don’t panic – Recovery ToolBox for Outlook (download) is all you need for Microsoft Outlook database repair!

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  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support Microsoft Outlook 2010 x64 yet.
  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support a recovering of contact groups yet.

Software compatible and recovery data from PST files of Outlook 97-2013

Below are some of the most notable features of this Microsoft Outlook fix tool:

  • Quick and efficient recovery of corrupted Microsoft Outlook data files
  • Full support of ANSI (Microsoft Outlook 97-2000) and UNICODE (Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later) data files
  • Support of PST and OST (offline storage) file formats
  • Possibility to extract data from password-protected files
  • A built-in preview module that enables users to select specific items to be recovered
  • Can be used for converting old OST offline storage files into PST files of the newest version
  • Uses advanced algorithms for PST/OST structure recognition and data extraction
  • Use of a number of integrity maintaining methods while performing data recovery
  • Extraction of recovered attachment files even in situations when corresponding mail items cannot be recovered
  • Possibility to save recovered data into a new UNICODE PST file
  • Use of the Microsoft Outlook engine and components for saving new PST files
  • Can split the output PST file into several volumes of an arbitrary size
  • Can save any recovered mailbox items as a separate MSG file
  • Can save recovered contacts as separate VCF files
  • Can save recovered mail items as separate EML files
  • Can save recovered notes as separate text files
  • Support of all major Windows versions: Windows 97/98/.../7
  • Support of all major Outlook versions: Outlook 97/.../2013

This Outlook fix tool is an end-to-end solution for the problem of corrupted Outlook databases offering an intuitive interface, an innovative data analysis core and overall ease of use not found in any other software of this type.

A quick and efficient Microsoft Outlook fix tool for users of all skill levels

Each data corruption accident leaves users with the only question: “How to fix my Outlook 2003 data?” This question is fully answered by Recovery Toolbox for Outlook, which offers a host of powerful features for PST file recovery, conversion and saving to multiple file formats.

The product was designed to accommodate the needs of home and office users looking for an affordable, fast and easy to use Outlook email recovery tool. To make the program a real value for any audience, the authors of the program dramatically simplified the interface and automated the recovery process to the point where user involvement is almost unnecessary. Fixing Outlook 2003 problems becomes a matter of a series of confirmation clicks in the program’s built-in recovery wizard.

A Microsoft Outlook restore inbox solution with unparalleled performance and accuracy

This Outlook fix tool is based on an innovative and lightning-fast data analysis engine that guarantees the recovery of data in the most serious cases of file corruption. The engine uses a combination of proprietary algorithms for fixing Outlook problems and efficiently recovers all types of objects contained in Outlook PST/OST files.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook never modifies the damaged source file while performing data recovery, so it cannot possibly make matters worse and the user always can always try alternative methods of Outlook recovery, if necessary. Plus, our support is always available to help in case of unexpected problems – and they know how to fix Outlook 2003 corrupted files!

Don’t know how to repair Microsoft Outlook 2003 data? No problem!

Thanks to nearly complete automation of the process, performing a Microsoft Outlook restore inbox procedure is a breeze, no matter if you are a system administrator with years of experience or a regular user trying to recover Outlook data on your own. Stop asking yourself the question “How can I repair my Outlook data?” and entrust this task to Recovery Toolbox for Outlook!

The program is capable of restoring data in two modes: Recovery and Converter. In the first mode, Outlook items from a damaged PST/OST file are restored into a healthy PST file that can be immediately loaded to Outlook. In the second mode (Converter), healthy Outlook storage files are converted into a set of files of various formats (.msg, .eml, .vcf) and saved on your hard drive for subsequent archiving, import or other purposes. This mode can also be used for converting OST files to the PST format.

Thanks to a built-in file preview module, selecting items to be recovered is as easy as selecting files in Windows Explorer. Just tick the boxes next to the objects you want to extract to add them to the recovery list. By default, all recoverable items in a damaged file are selected.

This mighty Microsoft Outlook fixer is exactly what you need if you have never dealt with similar software, don’t know how to repair Microsoft Outlook 2003 data and yet don’t want to go deep into the details of the recovery process.

Find out how to fix Microsoft Outlook 2003 problems in minutes with a few mouse clicks

Good news for all those who don’t know how to repair MS Outlook 2003 and above on their own – the recovery process in this Outlook fix tool consists of just 6 quick steps:

  1. Selection of the damaged file
  2. Selection of the recovery mode
  3. File contents preview
  4. Selection of the destination path for extracted Outlook data
  5. Selection of the data saving method
  6. Saving data to the disk

None of these steps require any special knowledge or recovery experience. Download, install, launch, make fewer than 10 clicks – that’s the recipe of the most convenient and efficient Microsoft Outlook 2003 fix!

Microsoft Outlook database repair is no longer a task for professionals only

If you don’t know how to fix Microsoft Outlook 2003 problems, don’t even think about wasting a fortune on expensive recovery services! This compact Outlookfix download with solve your data corruption dilemma in a wink of an eye. Fixing Microsoft Outlook problems has finally become something that anyone can do in seconds without leaving their workplace and spending unreasonable money.

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